WorldVentures Foundation & Hug It Forward: Bottle Schools

Help us turn trash into education!! Bottle Schools are built in developing nations using discarded plastic bottles and non-biodegradable trash, engaging the whole community to take ownership of the new structure and cleaning the environment of unwanted refuge. The community-led projects enable empowerment and teach transferable skills such as masonry and carpentry. A Voluntourism Trip gives you the opportunity to contribute while traveling, work alongside kids and adults in the community and experience Guatemalan culture.

With the ongoing support from the WorldVentures Foundation, Hug It Forward (HIF) has been able to grow and support 25+ bottle school projects across Guatemala, with more in development each month.

With such a large community engaged in the WorldVentures Foundation, HIF saw the opportunity to send a regular pipeline of volunteers to build schools. As part of their trip experience, those same volunteers would be accountable to raise the funds to build each school. "This process gives the volunteer a unique sense of ownership towards the school they are building, and supports us in building more schools, quickly," says HIF Founding Director Zach Balle.

The beginning of 2012 sees Hug It Forward expanding their vision to facilitate the creation of bottle schools in El Salvador, empowering more volunteers, community leaders and communities. HIF provides the WorldVentures Foundation community members an incredible opportunity to engage in meaningful, sustainable voluntourism on an ongoing basis, leaving behind a lasting legacy, and having confidence in the integrity of the work being accomplished within the communities.

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